​​​Why NIOS is widely preferred today?


​​​After becoming hot favourite amongst the commerce and Arts students, the NIOS has now become a buzzword amongst Engineering and Medical Students to get an easy admission in colleges.  

The synchronization of 11th and 12th std. into just ONE YEAR Board exam has drastically reduced the exam tensions as students now just have to pass only 5 subjects that means only 5 exams during 2 years. And many of them are now passing their main 3 subjects of 12th std. in just one year and thereby saving the other whole non-stop 12 months for their exams like JEE, NEET, AFMC, NDA, CLAT, NCHMCT, NIFT or NID…. 

​Their major worry about the acceptability of NIOS into colleges has also come to an end when our so called busy students in WhatsApp and facebook came to know that   IIT, ISM, GTU and almost all the engineering colleges and Universities have already given recognition to NIOS for engineering students and also on the other hand, AIU and MCI have also recognized NIOS students for MBBS. Moreover INDIAN NURSING COUNCIL for nursing students and The Pharmacy Council of India has also given recognition to NIOS students for various pharmacy courses.

 Since long  NIOS has become hot favourite amongst the students of BBA, BCA, LLB, Hotel Management & Catering, Interior Designing, Fashion Designing, Fine Arts, Psychology, Home Science, Mass Media & Journalism, Political Science etc…

The main reason is that to get admission in these type of colleges you have to pass 12th only with any subjects you like the main criteria is the %age and not the subjects. Many of them quietly took advantage of this educational system. They try to pass their 12th with excellent result by leaving behind their difficult subjects like accountancy, economics, statistics etc. just to get admission in good college. They also mix up the subjects like Biology, Psychology and Accountancy in 12th.

NIOS is equally preferred by those who are planning quite a different career like sports, music, dancing, film or those who want to settle only in their “Family Business”.

 This mouth watering news does not end here when you explore about other advantages of NIOS….like as :

  1. To concentrate on your main subjects, you can select any 5 subjects out of 20 subjects as per your choice and calibre. For example Air Force and Navy students can concentrate only on Maths and Physics and can leave aside Chemistry and select other 3 easy subjects..and can get easy admission in college.
  2. As there is no formal schooling system in NIOS, one can save the school timings for the betterment of their studies or for gaining practical knowledge in ITI or any institutions giving practical knowledge.
  3. Further if you are not satisfied with your 1st result, you can also appear once more for improvement of your result and the best of the two results will be considered.
  4. You can also change your subject after one year.
  5. Failed students from other board can save their precious year by appearing in On DEMAND exam of NIOS.
  6. Whats more !!! You can reduce your educational expenditure to almost 50%.
  7. Further in our Wisdom Booth we have many such cases where the students who have failed in 4 or 5 subjects when they join our Wisdom Booth for NIOS, they not only score 70% to 90% but also they score good marks in colleges.

 This National Institution of Open Schooling, widely known as NIOS is an Education Board formed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of Indian Government is an equivalent and at par with other Central Board like CBSE and ICSE and also with other state Board like GUJ Board, MAH Board etc..

As per the High Court decision, no school or college can deny admission on the ground of students passing from NIOS. Moreover its certificate is also considered worldwide and equally accepted for Visa and Immigration purpose all over the world.

Considering its advantages, flexibilities and universal recognition, NIOS is being widely accepted amongst teachers, parents and the students. Study from NIOS is highly recommended on the basis of NSSO report which reveals the shocking details that in India out of 22 crores of new admission in the schools every year, only 3 crores could clear their graduation. To improve upon the situation, NIOS is the only option at the moment.

क्योंकी जिंदगी में सही राह दिखाने वाले बहुत कम होते है, और 

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Mostly the following categories prefer NIOS:

1. For Career Planning [ Mostly by Intelligent and Toppers]

2. To provide Education as per child's capacity. [ leaving aside subjects like Maths, Science, Economics etc]

3. For Exposure of MORE PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE: [Savings in School timings can be utilized for practical knowledge]

4. To SAVE ON educational expenses: [ You can save educational expenses may be up to 50% to 70%]

5. For preferring ARTS stream: [Normally most of the schools offer only Science OR Commerce only]

6. If schooling is not convenient: [Married wives / aged can pass their 10th or 12th through NIOS]: 

7. If engaged in JOB or Business:

8. For change of stream from Science to Commerce and vice versa: [You can  reappear for 12th during college also]

9. If failed in Board exam and want to SAVE year:[.... by appearing in ON DEMAND exam offered by NIOS]

​10. Easy for Slow Learners and children facing ADHD problems: [They can avail special advantage in examinations]