क्योंकी जिंदगी में सही राह दिखाने वाले बहुत कम होते है, और 

वही राह  दिखाने  की जिम्मेदारी हमारी है |

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Admission Center of NIOS

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Why more than 27 lakh students in India have joined NIOs during last 5 years?

You can also join NIOS:_____

1. If you are planning for Special Career: [sports, dance, film, psychology, journalism etc] Those who prefer career in the fields like Law, Psychology, Mass media & Journalism, Hotel management, Tours & Travels, Fashion and Interior Designing, Fine arts, Food & Nutrition, Event Management etc. The main reason is that these kinds of subjects are not offered in the formal schools in 11th & 12th i.e. Higher Secondary Education. For them the study of Commerce like Accountancy, Economics or Business Studies are of not value.

2. If you want to avoid Repetition in 9th / 11th : Those who do not want to repeat their 9th std. or 11th std. and want to save their precious year by joining NIOS. They can directly join 10th and also 12th after 10th. NIOS does not require 9th certificate for 10th standard and 11th certificate for 12th standard.

3. If you want to pass 10th or 12th  without Subjects like MATH/ SCI, Accountancy, Economics:  The students who are not comfortable with Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Sanskrit in 10th OR Accountancy, Economics or Business Studies etc. are generally found repeating their BOARD exam once, twice or thrice and then they leave their studies. These students can omit any of these subjects and can carry on with other subjects to clear their 10th or 12th and can also get an easy admission in college.

4. If you are failed in 10th or 12th from other Board like GSEB/ CBSE etc and want to save your precious academic year:  The students who fail in other Boards like GUJARAT BOARD, CBSE, ICSE etc can join ON DEMAND examination conducted by NIOS immediately after their result.

5. If you want to avoid regular attendance in School:  The students who are in Sports, Film or for unavoidable circumstances in their family business cannot attend the school on regular basis. Many students have found joining DUMMY school for their batter studies in Science stream. These students can join NIOS and save money as IIT and other colleges accept NIOS students.

6. If you want to Join Re-schooling:   After completing their 12th or even Graduation, many students from Science stream have joined NIOS for completion of their 12th in Commerce/Arts stream. Many Canada going BIOLOGY students join NIOS for one subject like Mathematics and vice versa.

7. If you want to improve your result after passing your Board 10th or 12th:  Many times, it happens that the college you want to join requires certain %age criteria for which you are falling short by. If this is the case with you then you can join NIOS and improve your percentage.

8. If you are Employed or aged persons: Those who are in employment and / or may be due to health problem or for any other reasons like higher age group person who cannot attend or unable to attend formal school are generally joining NIOS for their studies.

9. If you are Specially abled child: Those who are coming into the category of learning disability, Mentally retardation, Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Leprosy Cured, Mental Illness, Multiple Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Locomotor Disability etc. normally don’t fit into the formal school can join NIOS and can easily clear their examination.

10. If you want to save on Educational Cost/ learn at your space and time with less exam tension:  Joining NIOS, drastically cuts your education cost.


Mostly the following categories prefer NIOS:

1. For Career Planning [ Mostly by Intelligent and Toppers]

2. To provide Education as per child's capacity. [ leaving aside subjects like Maths, Science, Economics etc]

3. For Exposure of MORE PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE: [Savings in School timings can be utilized for practical knowledge]

4. To SAVE ON educational expenses: [ You can save educational expenses may be up to 50% to 70%]

5. For preferring ARTS stream: [Normally most of the schools offer only Science OR Commerce only]

6. If schooling is not convenient: [Married wives / aged can pass their 10th or 12th through NIOS]: 

7. If engaged in JOB or Business:

8. For change of stream from Science to Commerce and vice versa: [You can  reappear for 12th during college also]

9. If failed in Board exam and want to SAVE year:[.... by appearing in ON DEMAND exam offered by NIOS]

​10. Easy for Slow Learners and children facing ADHD problems: [They can avail special advantage in examinations]

11. To complete your 12th standard after 10th Board Exam in just one year. (up to four subjects)