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Testimonials of our students

2 years after my failure in 12th I joined Wisdom Booth and passed my 12th from NIOS. I secured overall 59% including 78% in 2 subjects on very 1st trial. - Zamir Shaikh 

I am Deaf and Dumb by birth.Thanks to Wisdom Booth that due to Ashwinsir's efforts and Audio visual method I could understand the topic and could pass My 10th. 

- Kanahiya Agrawal  

I was considering myself as slow learner.but once I joined Wisdom Booth  I was answering questions of BBA.  I got 77% with highest 90 marks in Home Science. 

- Prarthna Raskapoor 

I was very irregular in going to school. But when I joined Wisdom Booth, I happened to take interest in study. I passed my 12th NIOS with 77% including 89% in 3 subjects.

 - Tuhin Lokhandwala

I was failed in 4 subjects in 11th COMM. However from NIOS, I secured overall 70% including 84% in 3 subjects. And when I joined BCA , I was first in Accountancy in my college. .  - Shrina Parikh 

I was failed in 12th Gujarat Board. I took credits of two subjects and applied for four other subjects from NIOS and got 71 % in those 4 subjects on 1st trial. - Abhishek Patil


In 10th I was told to repeat 9th. But I joined Wisdom Booth and learned subject from  base and passed my 10th. This year I have passed my 12th from NIOS with overall 62% and 72% in 3 subjects . - Akshay Kahar.  

Authorized Admission Center of NIOS

I was not satisfied with my tuition at Piplod. It was only 2 months left for exams. Then joined Wisdom Booth.  Just within 2 months   I got confidence and secured 60% in 12th.  - Fizzah Gaus