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I was failed in 4 subjects in 11th COMM. However from NIOS, I secured overall 70% including 84% in 3 subjects. And when I joined BCA , I was first in Accountancy in my college. Thanks to Wisdom Booth to inspire me. 

— Shrina Parikh 

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I was not satisfied with my tuition at Piplod. It was only 2 months left for exams. Then joined Wisdom Booth.  Just within 2 months   I got confidence and secured 60% in 12th. 

— Fizzah Gaus

"After joining Wisdom Booth, we got more confidence than earlier. Due to Maths and science we were much worried but now we are enjoying our study and also can do other activities."

— Ujash Patel 

In 10th I was told to repeat 9th. But I joined Wisdom Booth and learned subject from  base and passed my 10th. This year I have passed my 12th from NIOS with overall 62% and 72% in 3 subjects .  ​

— Akshay Kahar

Though we are in the formal schooling, we are very grateful to Wisdom Booth, Surat who is in the informal schooling system, for providing us an opportunity to attend with them in different projects and educational visits to enable us to explore our subjects in detail. Thanks again.

— Students of J H Ambani school


After this seminar with your Wisdom Booth (NIOS) students, it seems there is not much difference between formal school and informal school students. 

— Dr. Prof. Prashant Saxena
Dean & Campus Head


I was not sure if I had made the right choice of joining NIOS. But Wisdom Booth surpassed my expectations. They are truly world class, the kind of quality you can expect in any top-class school I am glad I made this choice."

— Sonal Mehta

How Open education helps

"After joining Wisdom Booth, I can do my other activities. I was under great pressure regarding my studies. For the first time I liked to study in such an informal way. "

— Monil Bhagatwala

"It was a great relief to me when I saw my son doing his practice online with Ashwin sir (Wisdom Booth) in the evening at home after his regular class "

— Kashmira Bhagatwala

During interaction with your Wisdom Booth (NIOS) students, I think NIOS students are equally competent with others. 

— Abhijeet Bhattacharya


"Ashwin Sir was of great help in accentuating our learning experience. We can confidently claim that Wisdom Booth has given us more clarity in our career and our life."

— Disha Mehra

I was considering myself as slow learner but once I joined Wisdom Booth  I was answering questions of even BBA in my 12th Accountancy.  I got 77% with highest 90 marks in Home Science. 

— Prarthna Raskapoor ​

"It was really a torture of exam burden for my daughter under GUJ Board. But when she joined Wisdom Booth for NIOS, she was quite relieved and within 3 months period she got excellent success." 

— Rajesh Shah

I am Deaf and Dumb by birth.Thanks to Wisdom Booth that due to Ashwinsir's efforts and Audio visual method I could understand the topic and could pass My 10th. 

— Kanahiya Agrawal  

" Since my childhood, I had a dream to study my liked field 'Fine Arts' which I could now see coming true in NIOS."

— Riti Mehta

"When we lost all hopes for my son during his 9th std. in school, it was really a pleasant surprise to see my son answering Accountancy in 10th std. like an expert on additional online coaching at home. Thanks to Wisdom Booth."

— Kalpesh Patel 

I was very irregular in going to school. But when I joined Wisdom Booth, I happened to take interest in study. I passed my 12th NIOS with 77% including 89% in 3 subjects. 

— Tuhin Lokhandwala  

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Your Wisdom Booth (NIOS) students, have completely changed my views about NIOS students after I had 2 hours of session with them. They are really good at their studies and so genius that nobody can say they are in open school.


(Radio Mirchi)