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 since 2014

Subjects Available for Sr. Secondary Standard

Group A-A:[Maximum 2 subjects]:
English, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit,

Group A-B:[Maximum 1 subject]:
Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Odia, Punjabi, Arabic, Persian, Malayam.
Group B:[Maximum 4 subjects]

BST, Economics, Data Entry*, Home Science*, Psychology, Mathematics, Geography*, Tourism, Painting*.

Group C:[Maximum 1 subject]:
History, Library & Information Science*, Environmental Science*, Physics* 

Group D:[Maximum 1 subject]: 
Chemistry*, Mass Communication, Political Science, Military Studies.

Group E:[Maximum 1 subject]:
Accountancy, Biology*, Introduction to Law, Military History. 

Group F:[Maximum 1 subject]
Computer Science*, Environmental Science, Sociology, Early Childhood Care and Education, Physical Edu & Yog. 


1. Minimum of one language must be selected and a maximum of two.
2. Subjects with asterisk mark are "Practical Subjects"
3. You can select Minimum 5 subjects including at least one language and maximum 7 subjects.
3. For other subjects, please refer to NIOS websit