For downloading 10th standard Books Clock Here

As per NIOS norms, your study material is despatched [FREE OF COST] at your address registered with NIOS after confirmation of your admission. However student’s experiences are mixed. In short:

  1. It takes nearly one to two months to despatch the books after admission is confirmed.
  2. It may also be the case where you may never get your study material.
  3. In few cases study material is received the day before your Board exam.
  4. If despatched in time then the numbers of books despatched may be less or may be different.

The most practical solution is to download the study material from the link provided to you and start your study. [Please Do not accept any VPP parcel from anybody. There are numbers of publishers who take your address and deliver books which are not worth reading. Thereby you may save approximately from ₹ 700 to ₹2,500]