To teach the students who could not fit themselves into 'Formal Schooling System' is not an easy task. They can be taught only in 'Informal way'. 

And we know the technique of this 'Informal way of education' which is not possible by  mediocre tutors. One needs to apply psychology while teaching such students. 

We at Wisdom Booth apply this education psychology.

Totally different approach for teaching and learning:

  1. We identify the student's caliber and adopt teaching method. 

  2. Unless all the students become at par with each other in knowledge, we never conduct exam at Wisdom Booth. To make them at par, we provide extra efforts for them. This is to boost their confidence.

  3. We provide different 'Study Notes' for different students as per their 'capacity'. 

  4. We never give them 'Home Work' except for the subjects which involves numerical.

  5. We adopt the concept of learning pyramids. When they do, they remember and when they remember, they can write.

Learning by doing - Active Learning 

  • Our students visit the place of learning of different subjects like Home Science, Mass Communication, etc. 
  • Before they visit, they form a committee of four students with one of them as a leader.
  • When they visit, they note down various subject related learning points.
  • On the basis of their visit, they make 'REPORT' in MS WORD. 
  • Finally they present their report in the classroom and also explain to other students.

OUTCOME: [One activity provides you to learn other subjects at a time]

  1. YOU LEARN YOUR SUBJECT: Learning your subject (Home Science, Mass Com. etc) at the place of actual working. This makes you perfect in your subject knowledge.
  2. YOU LEARN YOUR ENGLISH: At the schools and tuition class you are writing a report without actual learning just on the basis of your imagination. Here, you have lots of points to write on the basis of actual visit. 
  3. YOU LEARN YOUR COMPUTER: In stead of writing in your note book, when you prepare your 'REPORT' in MS WORD, you also have a chance of practical knowledge in your subject of 'Data Entry Operation'.
  4. YOU ARE AT THE BASE OF LEARNING PYRAMID: When you prepare your presentation in PPT slides and explain to others in the classroom, you understand it properly.

This distinguishes our Wisdom Booth students from the others. 


Along with practical approach, they participate in group discussion, attend the traditional classroom and also appear in their regular TEST also. Ultimately your performance is measured in numbers in your 'Report Card', hence we also train them from  writing perspective. They are also given the task of paper checking of their classmates. 

This distinguishes our Wisdom Booth students from the others. 

Teaching method and Self Designed Pedagogy

Teaching in the classroom is nothing less than an Art and we focus really hard on making the art better every time for the students by guiding them in the most practical way to make them understand, remember and apply. Since every student have their method of learning and exploring; therefore we really focus on giving that personal attention to the students, teaching them in all the different way.

This is the reason why we have been able to achieve 100% result till date in Sr. Secondary against overall 60% result from NIOS.