1. Counselling: [Totally Free]

  [Counselling can be done through video conferencing for free.]

Generally this information is regarding basic information of NIOS and basic procedure before registration.

This includs:

1. Information on NIOS (It is free and uploaded on our website under FAQs and About NIOS)

2. General information on any terms that appears on NIOS official website.

3. Why should you go for NIOS and what are the benefits of joining NIOS. 
4. Any other points relating to NIOS which we think should be given free.  

2. Consultancy: [On Chargeable basis] [Not applicable to Wisdom Booth Students]

[A] What information we provide Before Registration?

Consultancy is the service you seek to find a solution to a specific problem which requires expert knowledge in a particular field.

It is like consulting a lawyer. You cannot buy a book on any topic on Law, learn and understand it properly and then conduct a trial in the Court of law by yourself;  instead, you would prefer to ‘Paid Consultancy’ and relieve your self particularly when verdict of the case is going to change your life.  
As one doctor cannot prescribe you any medicine without  medical report, likewise we also don't give any advice without properly examining your ‘Report Card’ and consulting with students and parents as to any problems and choice of future career field.

As wrong medication can be fatal, the wrong registration can also be wasteful  in the sense that you can fail in NIOS too. However, as we said, when you get guidance from Wisdom Booth for registration, you are most likely to get ‘success’ in your further journey in NIOS.

We provide complete guidance on NIOS, its pros and cons, future career counselling, cognitive skill test thereby spending a good productive time with the students and the parents.

Wisdom Booth also helps in the selection of subjects according to student’s calibre making it easier for the students and parents to take decision.

Why we charge?

1. We spend time for you. 
2. We examine your Report Card and student’s ability.
3. We examine your eligibility.
4. We consult students and parents as to their future plan.
5. We guide on proper selection of Stream to achieve easy ‘SUCCESS’
6. We guide on ‘Timings’ when should registration be done. [True guidance will save your year  specially in case of On Demand Exam.]
7. We advise on medium of study and its availability.
8. We advise on subject selection. **

 Note: @@@ - We charge ₹200  for your personal visit.

If you want to save this amount, you can avail all the information from our website or through video conferencing.

[NOTE: meeting on video conference is totally free. Request us for video conference. You can specify it in the Inquiry Form]

           ** - Only for Wisdom Booth Students. 
@@@ - Any question relating to academic part is not included in the visiting fees. We explain the academic matter only to our Wisdom Booth students. Hence please do not ask any questions relating to academic matter such as what is the portion, how the questions are asked. what will be the syllabus, which subjects should we take, how practical exams are conducted, what will be the criteria for allotting marks etc.

[B] What we provide After Registration?

It has been our observation from our 14 years of experience in NIOS that 70% of your trouble starts after registration is done if you are not properly guided regarding complex NIOS procedure.

Being legally appointed as an Authorized Centre for Admission Facilitation, we receive many phone calls regarding the process after registration. Many students have put themselves in great trouble after registering by self-efforts or through inexperienced persons/agency/schools etc. They charge like anything and after registration, they either don’t provide any information or disappears. And ultimately the students have to lose their precious academic year or get very low score card in their examinations.

This part is generally explained after your registration is done.

You will get personal explanation at the time of registration.