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    NIOS - 12TH STANDARD.      

Important points to be kept in mind before you proceed for registration

Important Points:

1. Please choose your stream very carefully. Suitability of stream varies from student to student. The stream you think may not be beneficial to you. Success ratio of all streams are different. Hence, please consult us for proper guidance and consultancy.

2.We have found that many students due to improper selection of the stream waste their precious year.

3. Subject selection is another milestone of your success. While selecting subjects, you must consider future path of career, your potential calibre for the subject, your memory and ability, your interest and aptitude in the subjects, how fast you want to cover your syllabus, etc.

Please do not handle registration process by yourself without consulting guidance.

>>Getting admission in NIOS is very easy but very crucial and complex to understand as it involves psychological aspect of a child – a kind of career consultancy which requires expertise.
>>We, the Wisdom Booth possess 15+ years of experience in the field of education and especially in the matter of NIOS.
>>With our great efforts it was possible to bring NIOS into Gujarat and first PCP was also conducted by us in Surat as no schools were either not ready or did not have knowledge in conducting PCP exams. This is the reason why our success ration during last 10 years stands 98.6% as against All India result during the same period only around 42%.

Some important terms:

Stream 1 (Block – I and Block II) – Block I is for April Examination and Block II is for October examination.
Stream 2: It is for October examination for already appeared in 1oth / 12th exam in their parent Board.
Stream 4 (On Demand Exam): - For all types of students, 1. Those who are from stream 1, and also for those who have already appeared in 12th exam in their parent Board.
Reference Number: It is generated when you make the payment for registration fee.
Enrolment Number: It is generated when your admission is confirmed.
TMA – Tutor Mark Assignment: Stream 1 students must submit their TMAs to their AI Center.
PCP – Personal Contact Program: Each Stream 1 student must attend PCP at their AI Center for the Practical subjects