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Authorized Admission Center of NIOS

NIOS conducts examination in TWO ways.

1. Regular Examination in April and in October.

2. On Demand Examination


  • Per subject fees is Rs. 250 for theory or Rs. 370 for practical as the subject may be.
  • Be careful regarding closing date for the registration of examination date.
  • NIOS declares dates for ON Demand Examinations through out the year except during two three months of MAR to MAY and OCT-NOV period.

 Admission is available online. You can register for APR examination up to JUL / AUG and for OCT examination up to DEC / JAN. However early admission is recommended for the availability of seats.

Admission Fees is ONLY around Rs. 950 for ST/ST  to Rs. 2000 for open category male including Books. Amount of fees depends on the subjects you take. 

Requirement for Admission for 10th:

  1. Two Photographs
  2. Birth Certificate OR LC [Attested copy only]
  3. Address Proof [Only copy] [Just for postal communication]
  4. Other (if any) [ Example: BC, ST etc] OR [Any disability Certificate]

      [Please always ask Wisdom Booth for right advice BECAUSE WE ARE THE  AUTHORISED Admission CENTER OF NIOS] 

       Please be very very careful while you select subjects for 10th NIOS examination. Many tuition  or coaching classes OR Agents are found misguiding the parents and students. Normally they fill up the form without even asking you your choice. And students ultimately fail even in NIOS.

        It is our humble request to consult our Wisdom Booth Team for right advice. We advise for subjects on the basis of student's learning capacity, interest, future plan for study, financial condition etc.

You can select your subjects from the following list.​

Subject Group 'A'
  Subject Group 'B'

(201) Hindi
(202) English
(206) Urdu
(209) Sanskrit


(Any one from the following)

(203) Bengali
(204) Marathi
(205) Telugu
(207) Gujarati
(208) Kannada
(210) Punjabi
(228) Assamese
(231) Nepali
(232) Malayalam
(233) Oriya
( 235 ) Arabic
( 236 ) Persian
( 237 ) Tamil

(211) Mathematics*
(212) Science and Technology*
(213) Social Science
(214) Economics
(215) Business Studies
(216) Home Science*
(222) Psychology
(223) Indian Culture & Heritage
(224) Accountancy

(225) Painting *

(229) Data Entry Operation *


  1. Total 5 subjects are required to PASS 10th
  2. Maximum 7 subjects you can take.
  3. maximum 3 subjects from Group A can be taken
  4. ​Only 2 subjects from group A will be considered for passing.
  5. ​Subjects with asterisk *have theory as well as practical ​



Minimum 14 years as declared by NIOS at the time of admission

[For OCT 2016 exam child's Birth date should be on or before 31st JAN 2002]


There is no requirement as to last exam passed. Any person passed or failed up to std. 10th. That means even if child is fail in std. 5 or 6 or so he can appear DIRECTLY for 10th examination. 

If child has not cleared 9th then he / she has to give undertaking that he is capable to appear for 10th  and  that's all!!

Wisdom Booth is

Authorised AF Center for NIOS

10th NIOS Eligibility - Admission - Subjects - Examinations - Result

Eligibility - Admission - Subjects - Examinations - Result