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Admission Center of NIOS

       Please be very very careful while you select subjects for 10th NIOS examination. Many tuition  or coaching classes OR Agents are found misguiding the parents and students. Normally they fill up the form without even asking you your choice. And students ultimately fail even in NIOS.

        It is our humble request to consult our Wisdom Booth Team for right advice. We advise for subjects on the basis of student's learning capacity, interest, future plan for study, financial condition etc.

You can select your subjects from the following list.​

Subject Group 'A'
  Subject Group 'B'

(201) Hindi
(202) English
(206) Urdu
(209) Sanskrit​


(Any one from the following)

(203) Bengali
(204) Marathi
(205) Telugu
(207) Gujarati
(208) Kannada
(210) Punjabi
(228) Assamese
(231) Nepali
(232) Malayalam
(233) Oriya
( 235 ) Arabic
( 236 ) Persian
( 237 ) Tamil

(211) Mathematics*
(212) Science and Technology*
(213) Social Science
(214) Economics
(215) Business Studies
(216) Home Science*
(222) Psychology
(223) Indian Culture & Heritage
(224) Accountancy

(225) Painting *

(229) Data Entry Operation *

Indian Knowledge Tradition:

(245) Veda Adhyan

(246) Sanskrit Vyakran

(247) Bhartiya Darshan

(248) Sanskrit Sahitya



  1. Total 5 subjects are required to PASS 10th
  2. You can take Maximum 7 subjects

Eligibility for the Registration of Secondary level (10th Std.)


Minimum 14 years as declared by NIOS at the time of admission. [For Registration of Secondary std. in Stream 1 Block II for exam to be held in OCT 2020 The minimum age to take admission in the Secondary Course is 14 years as on 31st January 2019 (born on or before 31/01/2005)]

[Please consult Wisdom Booth for correct date]

Maximum no limit. [In 2017, former CM of Haryana cleared his 10th exam at the age of 82 years] CLICK HERE


There is no requirement as to last exam passed. Any person passed or failed up to std. 10th. That means even if child is fail in std. 5 or 6 or so s/he can appear DIRECTLY for 10th examination. 

Wisdom Booth is

Admission Center for NIOS

10th NIOS Eligibility - Admission - Subjects - Examinations - Result

Eligibility - Admission - Subjects - Examinations - Result


NIOS conducts examination in TWO ways.

1. Regular Examination in April and in October.

2. On Demand Examination


  • Per subject fees is Rs. 250 for theory or Rs. 370 for practical as the subject may be.
  • Be careful regarding closing date for the registration of examination date.
  • NIOS declares dates for ON Demand Examinations through out the year. 

 Admission is available online.

There are three options for you:

Stream 1: Exams are held twice a year. in OCT and APR. 

Stream 2: If you are failed this year, your exams are held in OCT

Stream 3: At any time during the year. [Tatkaal scheme]

Please note that every option has its own pros and cons. You need to understand it properly otherwise it may not give you success even in NIOS.

For proper understanding of the streams suitable to you, please consult Wisdom Booth.

To inquire, fill the form ..CLICK HERE


Your total fees purely as per NIOS norms, ranges from ₹1,040 to ₹7,000 and this does not include any extra amount. This total amount goes to NIOS. It depends on your type of registration.

Hence many times when parents ask for the amount of fees we can not quote you exact amount and if we quote, they misunderstand that we are over charging. CLICK HERE

Hence It is always better to consult us. To inquire, fill the form ..CLICK HERE

[Please always ask Wisdom Booth for right advice BECAUSE WE ARE providing true advice since the year 2005]