If  you  have  failed  in  other  Board

Here is a solution for you

If you have failed in your 10th standard, then there is no need to worry at all !!!!

There are three ways in which you can appear in NIOS.

1. OCTOBER PUBLIC EXAM     --- (Applicable for respective current year fail students only)

2. ON DEMAND EXAM (ODE)  --- (from DEC to MAR and from JUN to SEP)

3. REGULAR STREAM 1 EXAM --- (This public exam is held every year in APR & OCT)


1. Beware of fake persons and cheaters:

Please do not fall into deceiver’s trap. Many such persons become active at the time of Exam Result. They have also created "FAKE NIOS WEBSITE" 

NIOS official website have listed such  list of fake NIOS Website. 

The worst thing is that on the basis of such so-called FAKE WEBSITE's online verification, the students have also got admission into colleges. However, when the details came out, all such students are now under investigation and they have been brought down to 10th level. Official NIOS website has no such records of such students. 


[We don't gaurantee of the truthfulness of an information provided by the following links. Neither we have to say against any institution nor want to defame any concerned person or institution, school, colleges etc.

We just want to draw attention towards what is happening in the field. Even the person, institute, school, colleges etc. who are providing help innocently to the parents / students may have been a victim of providing false certificate while they may be completely ignorant about such fraud.

The purpose of providing such information through links, images etc. is to bring awareness only as we often come across such cases.]

1. Gujarat Samachar 13th August page 13  CLICK HERE   OR CLIKC HERE

2. Case of admission in Bangalore University with fake marksheet (INDIAN eXPRESS)   CLICK HERE

3. Case of admission in Bangalore University with fake marksheet (THE HINDU)  CLICK HERE

You can even search on internet for plenty of such cases.


They issue fake certificates and charge from ₹12,000 to ₹1,50,000
They provide 100% passing guarantee.
They ask for exam centre outside Gujarat.
They may also provide ‘Money Back Guarantee’ i.e. if you do not pass, you may get your money back after deducting ₹10,000 to 15,000.

2. Beware of Unauthorized Agencies OR Unautorized NIOS Centers:

Recently many new agencies or individuals have started their NIOS centers. Though innocently but they are making big mistakes in procedural formalities and due to this many students have been put into trouble and have not been declared PASS.

It has come to our notice that many school teachers / tuition class teachers have started filling the forms themselves in the interest of the their students and even they are not charging any single rupee for this but due to lack of proper procedural requirements, many students have come to us regarding their failure even in NIOS.

Which option is best and suitable to you ?

It is a matter of consultancy because if you take any hasty decision, you may be in problem.

Decision can be taken only after verifying your fail result which requires an expert guidance.

We explain you in detail the pros and cons of all these three paths and its process so that you can take proper decision and select the best suitable option.   

To know more about difference between Counselling and Consultancy ----  please CLICK HERE



Joining NIOS is always beneficial to the students. It is easier than other Boards. It is totally valid through out the World. Our Wisdom Booth students have also got admission in foreign Universities in US, UK and Canada.