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            👉 Admission for appearing in October 2022 (Stream 2) and April 2023 (Stream1) examination is now open.     Hurry!! secure your seat.

After this seminar with your Wisdom Booth (NIOS) students, it seems there is not much difference between formal school and informal school students.

— Dr. Prof. Prashant Saxena Dean & Campus Head (AMITY AHMEDABAD)

During interaction with your Wisdom Booth (NIOS) students, I think NIOS students are equally competent with others.

— Abhijeet Bhattacharya (AURO UNIVERSITY)

Your Wisdom Booth (NIOS) students, have completely changed my views about NIOS students after I had 2 hours of session with them. They are really good at their studies and so genius that nobody can say they are in open school.

— RJ UTSAV (Radio Mirchi)

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👉 Last year some students could not pass in "Mass Promotion" due to non-fulfillment of the procedure             👉 Avoid Self-registration with NIOS without an expert's advice.             👉 We receive lots of complaints regarding problems faced by them after their self-registration.

NIOS Authorized Admission Center

Wisdom Booth's Authority Letter 


Always ask for an AUTHORITY LETTER FROM NIOS. Many unauthorized institutions have illegally displayed their name of the institution as authorized centers and cheated innocent students.

They must display AUTHORITY LETTER publicly.

Wisdom Booth Students