Why our success ratio is 100% in Sr. Secondary NIOS?

​Not only this, our students outshine in college performance too. Most of the students come with tears in their eyes but we turn their tears in to 'Sweet Smile' on their result.

This is the reason that some of the Universities have approached us for the for the admission of our 'Wisdom Booth' students in to their colleges. Not only this, some of the schools are also following 'Wisdom Booth'. They send their students for the projects with our students.

This is because we adopt totally different approach for teaching and learning.​​ CLICK HERE to KNOW MORE


It is the common questions asked by parents. Some of them have misconceptions regarding how exams are conducted. They generally have notion that NIOS is open schooling system so examinations might be conducted with open books in exam hall OR at someone's private center. This is not true. It is conducted in the same manner as are being conducted in the case of other Boards like CBSE, GSEB etc.​​ i.e. in different schools of the city.

We, Wisdom Booth, to promote NIOS and to remove doubts and misconceptions regarding NIOS exams, with special permission recorded during theory examination.

Please save the students who failed in 10th /12th from the trap of a team busy in misguiding these innocent students in illegal and malpractices.


To take advantage of the ignorance about NIOS, some people are getting active at the time of the exam results. They often give 100% passing guarantee and print the NIOS mark sheet in the local printing press. They also get college admission on such a marksheet. But when it is verified with NIOS after a year or so, all the details come out and not only the college's admission is cancelled but at the same time they also rundown to standard 10th level and also have to face jail. Sometimes such people also make fake registration and charge ₹30,000 to 150,000 rupees. Most of these people advise for examinations outside Gujarat. Do not fall in this kind of trap. And contact us for the right advice.​

Failed in 10th / 12th???

Save your year 

Apply for JUN 

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Now to solve your queries, you don't have to meet us personally. After initial information, if you think for personal meeting, you can get an appointment. 

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वही राह  दिखाने  की जिम्मेदारी हमारी है |

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Please keep checking the website​​

​Authorized Admission Center of NIOS

Our message:

Welcome to our website. We can understand your valuable time. However, your few minutes to understand some important advices can save you from your time, money and energy.

NIOS is now gaining popularity all over India among all types of students and parents due to its openness, freedom in subject selection, freedom from frequent exam burden, substantial financial savings in educational expenses, high success ratio etc.

However, due the ignorance of true information about NIOS among even the literate world of Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers etc., some newbies and unauthorized or inexperienced persons, agencies, mediocre teachers have started NIOS centers with their improper knowledge of NIOS. These inexperienced and unauthorized group is active in deceiving innocent people and misguiding them. 

Joining NIOS is very advantageous to many types of students but only when you have thoroughly understood the concept of NIOS. And to understand NIOS properly is very lengthy process. The rules and procedures are not in 'Black and White'. So one must know its pros and cons.

Generally the people, as advised by NIOS official website, try to involve them directly and with their improper knowledge, they many times waste their precious academic year. On the other hand NIOS officials also cannot provide lengthy explanation to each persons. HENCE PEOPLE TRY TO UNDERSTAND INFORMATION FROM THE NIOS WEBSITE AND INTERPRET AS THEY PERCEIVE OR FROM THE PERSON FROM WHOM THEY GET GUIDANCE BE IT TRUE OR FALSE. In reality, it is very very difficult from both these sources.

Hence it is always advisable to contact us. Having more than 12 years of great experience, we the Wisdom Booth are running Authorized admission facilitation center providing true and correct guidance to each students and parents. Further we also provide quality education at our Wisdom Booth Coaching Center. Though we are having our centers at Surat and Vadodara, we receive phone calls continuously from other cities in Gujarat as well as from other states in India. 

As now more and more people try to seek information, we have decided to provide useful information by three methods.

1. In the first phase, Please go through the Main and basic information regarding NIOS / Wisdom Booth--- uploaded on our website.

2. In the second phase, still if you have any query, you can fill our Inquiry Form (given below) and solve it.

3. In the third phase you can meet either personally or through 'Video Conferencing' * [through button provided below]

[This is our humble request not make any phone calls without first filling the forms. Further never make any phone calls after 8.00 pm]​  For any query please CLICK HERE

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Wisdom Booth  - " NIOS अधिकृत केन्द्र  SURAT & VADODARA"

NIOS Registration fee ONLY Rs. 950 to Rs. 2350. Join for  Tuition /Coaching in all NIOS subjects. Guide/ Reference Books available.